Monday, August 17, 2009

This is the 10/10 Project on the Steam User Forums, this is were the bulk of our action takes place.

Advanced Multiplayer Settings

With the release of the the Classless Update, there has been many new options given to server hosts, such as tf_announcer_nag 0/1, tf_ctf_bonus_time 0/10, tf_arena_first_blood 0/1, as well as older ones, sv_alltalk, tf_arena_preround_time, mp_tournament, mp_tournament_restart, mp_tournament_stopwatch, and many others. With the addition of tf_weapon_criticals 0/1 and tf_damage_spread 0/1, it makes me wonder if they will be adding this in to the XBox360 Update, If they do It would have to be formatted a bit different than it is now, which is quite horrible might I add, it takes forever to get down to the bottom of the Class Limits, which could enable some people to get around your Limits if you enable them while inside your game.

My Proposal is simple, to add a menu for Server Options, This would allow for an easier job to set certain Server Commands, assuming we get them anyway. This picture also includes how we would get to our new weapons. The Server Options would include most if not all of the advanced cvars released for PC Team Fortress 2, this would allow a much greater server hosting experience on the XBox.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Best working solution for Team Fortress 2 DLC.

There is an obviously a problem with Team Fortress 2's game play issues, such as the glitches, things missing in the maps (Stairs on Dustbowl Stage 3, Cap 1), and overall features to the game that were added to tweak it, however if this update is released in an entire package that costs money, that would horribly slaughter the already fractured community, It would be impossible to play a game where on your screen Skywalking was fixed, but on someone else's who did not pay for the update was sitting up there in the sky, shooting you with a sentry, my suggestion to Valve is this:

Release the updates NOW in a Pack of 4.

Games on Demand
Game: The Orange Box
Cost: $20
Size: 7 GB
What it does: Downloads The Orange Box to your hard drive.

Pack 1: Gameplay Issues
Release: Early September
Cost: Free
Size: 430 MB
What it Does: Fixes all of the glitches, adds everything the PC version has EXPECT the new maps and the new weapons; This would allow all versions of Team Fortress 2 run on let’s say for this scenario v1.07. With v1.07 in place, the only thing Valve would have to do is add the weapon and maps. Adds sound files, Animations, Models, and Textures for the new weapons. This update will also include the downloading of the fixed maps, cp_dustbowl, cp_well, cp_granary, and ctf_2fort. This will also add the Pyro's airblast, Dispener Upgrading, Teleporter Upgrading, Spy's ability to get clock from ammo and dropped weapons, Taunt Kills for the Pyro, Heavy, and Spy. This will also add basic support for in-game achievements for those who buy the next DLC and for those who don't.

Pack 2: Weapons
Release: Late December
Cost: $7
Size: 200 MB
What it Does: Adds 3 new weapons to the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Medic, Heavy, Sniper, and Spy. This update will also add new in-game achievements, which unlock no gamerscore at all but will unlock the new weapons. (If you are having trouble with this feature, take a look at Call of Duty 4's Challenges, they are practically the same thing) With Team Fortress 2 running on v1.07, these weapons would have no problems working on servers hosted where people do not have the weapons because in the free update they already received all of the information needed to see, get killed, see other people get killed, and hear the new weapons, this update would simply add the weapons and new in-game achievements.

Pack 3: Maps
Release: Late December
Cost: $10
Size: 1.5 GB
What it Does: Adds 19 New Maps, 3 New gametypes

Title Update #2
Release: Same time as Pack 3
Cost: Free
Size: 30 MB
What it does: Adds options for non-DLC and DLC Maps in matchmaking. Implements the Random Drop System, allows non-DLC buyers to receive Hats and Hats only, DLC buyers can get everything. (In order to make sure it is the same, non-DLC buyers could be given a 'Ghost Item' that is only seen by the source engine.) Updates Team Fortress 2 to v1.08

Pack 4: Demoman vs Engineer Update
When: 4 Months after last class gets updated
Cost: $7
Size: 30 MB
What it Does: Adds the Demoman and Engineer Updates to the game.

Title Update #3
Release: Right after Demoman vs Engineer Update
Cost: Free
Size: 20 MB
What it does: Updates Team Fortress 2 to v1.09, which includes all of the patches that were added into the game between the Soldier updates and the Last Class update.

Its just something that I think would work, not split the community and have a choice weather you want Weapons, Maps, or Just buy the whole updated game. With the XBox Live Arcade title, and the previous free updates, this would in turn generate even more revenue for VALVe and Microsoft who would make money from the sales of both DLC AND an Arcade game, this solves the problem, lets more people play, and would jump-start the community, Competitive and Casual. With the prices on each pack amounting to $24, Microsoft should be able to let the Title Updates and the Free Packs through.

Q: Why are you against a large, Single DLC Pack?
A: Instead of releasing one large DLC pack when all the updates come out, it would, as I said, slaughter the community. It would be impossible for our current build of Team Fortress 2 (Let's call it v1.06) to run with the (let's say v1.07 for this scenario), for people who do not wish to have the DLC, they would be barred from playing a majority if not all the servers. Without the free update for fixes it could actually cause legal issues for Microsoft, there is no other game that forces you to buy DLC in order to play online, furthermore people might say "Well games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty: 4 have DLC and you can play with people who don't have It", my answer to this is simple, v1.06 and v1.07 cannot run with each other, take Halo 3 for example, it runs on v1.03 for everyone, not just DLC Owners. Another reason for multiple DLCs is the community, its no secret that the community is angry that for almost 2 years this game has seen zero to nill updates and support, it would allow VALVe to pacify the community instead of waiting for mid to late 2010 to release it all, by then the now dyeing community would be dead. A pack of 4 DLCs and 3 smaller updates over a span of 6 months would release it quicker, and make the community happier. Finally as all of us know, Microsoft is the largest Cash Cow on the planet, even with the one free DLC Microsoft would be overjoyed at the fact there is 4 more dollars for the pack updates than the one big update. Microsoft would also love for another Battlefield 1943 on their console, Team Fortress 2: Gold Edition, which VALVe could only get away with doing by releasing updates for The Orange Box version, as stated above would only work if it was updated in packs.

Q: I Read somewhere that Microsoft's Policy for required content is 8 MB, the first DLC alone is not that much, how can it possibly work?
A: The first pack is not a required thing. Team Fortress 2 can run without downloading anything, but it would be widely advertised with messages on Xbox and in-Game that this content is essential, effectively making it a DLC and not a Title Update.

Q: Microsoft said no free update, why does your plan call for a free update?
A: Well, Microsoft said no free update yes, but VALVe was talking about a single MASSIVE update, priced at maybe $20. With my plan Microsoft would get more money per all DLC bought ($24) and more money from people who don't want to spend all that much (They might just get the weapons). With the prospective idea of more money from more updates, Microsoft would let one slide.

Q: How would we get our Weapons when we buy them?
A: Well, after you but the Weapons DLC you can get them in 2 ways, earning enough in-game achievements to get the Milestone for that class, or by the Random Drop System where could get higher (or lower) level weapons, this would be purely cosmetic. (You have to get something from the Random Drop System other than Hats). This way it will work pretty much how the PC has it.

Q: How accurate are your estimates for the downloads and how did you come up with them? Is this something you were able to figure out on the PC?
A: I would have to say I overshot my estimated download sizes only to make sure if they would fit. I was able to get these by studying the size Team Fortress 2 takes on my computer, and I copare that with the sizes of Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and Portal, I then take into account of the updates and I get a size roughly the same as The Orange Box when it is installed on my hard drive. I then looked into the files of Team Fortress 2, where I added it all up, and with my estimated size of TF2 360, it came to maybe a 100 MB Margin of Error, which I then added about 50 MB on to the to try and compensate for the MOE, these numbers are most likely over actual sizes because they can be compacted via VALVe and Microsoft (I also tool this into account when I first did the research, but I stuck with the uncompressed version for the sole reason of showing it would fit everything the PC has, even the free update will be smaller because it contains (in the estimate) All of the updates, such as the ones we won't e getting (Novient Falcon support, SourceTV fixes, ect.)

Welcome to the Project!


Welcome to the 10/10 project, which is aimed towards VALVe Software, mostly to hold them responsible for information on their games, which many people bought and paid in full for. I am trying to get get enough attention to the XBox360 Community, and our anger with the lack of updates and the little information VALVe has provided for us.